How to Make an Indestructible Dog Leash

We've had Sophie for a little over a year and this is the first dog that we've ever had that could tear up a dog leash in 1 minute to 3 minutes.  We've found that she can destroy a nylon leash in a minute or less, the leather leash took up to 3 minutes.  After 2 nylon leashes/leads and 2 leather leashes I decided to make one that she could not destroy.  Off I went to Lowe's!  My favorite place; you'd think they'd know my name there by now - they do know I get a military discount. :).  I bought all the supplies I needed for less than 8 dollars!

Supplies To Make An Indestructible Dog Leash

  •  2 Blue Hawk 3/16" Chain Rope Clip

  • Down the same isle that you'll find the Blue Hawk clips, you'll also find the Blue Hawk 5/8" Chain Bolt Snap

  • 6 ft of plastic encased wire (they'll cut it for you at Lowe's)

  • Cloth if you want to sew or, my preferred method, Duct Tape.

  • An old dog leash or dog leash handle - so you can reuse the dog leash :)

  • Pliers

Step by Step of How to Make a Dog Leash

I started with the leather leash the Sophie chewed up.  The leather can be reused for a comfortable handle.  With one old leash I've made two and I have enough left over to make at least two more.

There are two ways that I made this indestructible dog leash, there is the fancy way where you sew a sleeve to fit around the length of leather you cut or you can take Duct Tape and wrap the leather.

I started with the fabric one and then I made another one with Duct Tape - to be honest, I like the Duct Tape one better - it's just more industrial and if it gets dirty I just add more Duct Tape.  As for the cloth one, I can always make another cover...but with the many designs available now with Duct Tape, I definitely like the Duct Tape method, it's just easier.

For the most part the way to put them together is the same, the cloth one just requires a bit of sewing.

Wrap the end of the wire with black electrical tap or duct tap, feed it through the Bolt Snap and fasten it together tightly in the Chain Clip.

If you do the fabric method, cut enough to fold over the old leash plus enough to create a nice seam and so that you can thread through the chain.

Thread the cable through the fabric on the top side of the leash handle so it is comfortable to hold.  Loop the handle around and use the 2nd Chain Clip to close it off.

If you do the duct tape method, cut strips of the tape and wrap it around the leather and cable until you have it fully covered and use the 2nd Chain Clip to close it off.

IMPORTANT: be sure to use pliers to tightly turn the Chain Clip nuts to ensure the cable doesn't slip out.

Sophie likes to carry her leash to me when it is time to walk.  She will literally follow me around with the leash handle in her mouth. :)  For whatever reason, she too likes the leash I made with the Duct Tape. :)

Pin it for later, it'll save you money at some point. :)  This one is virtually indestructible and only cost me $8 to make!!!

What does you pet keep destroying?


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