Boy's Room Bedroom Makeover

You all have seen Em's bedroom makeover.  What you didn't see behind the scenes is:

I told LilMan 3 days before the big reveal because I knew, I KNEW, he was going to look down, with his lips down turned, his shoulders suddenly slumped as he realizes that his room would remain the same, as he realized and that he wasn't part of the surprise.  He is so many parts of me and so many parts of Ben that I understand.  So I told him 3 days before the big reveal so he could be part of the big secret.
I told him, "you know how I've been working so hard on Grandma's room?" {if you are confused by this statement read Em's Surprise Bedroom Makeover Post}


"Well, all of the material and sewing was actually to give Em a surprise bedroom makeover.  We've bought a new daybed, canopy for Em, and this is to decorate it." His shoulders slump and he looks down.

I continue, "the reason I'm telling you is because of that face right there {pointing at him}: I don't want you to be sad. I want you to be part of it.  I want your ideas and to be happy for Em."

He nods, but he is still sad. "Do you want to know what I have in planned for your room?"

Still looking down.  "Yes"

"I want to turn your bed into a tent, with stars all over the ceiling.  You have stuffed animals all over your room, I want to paint a tree on one of the walls and then have shelves and hooks to place your animals on so it looks like a jungle.  Do you like the sound of that?"

He looks up and smiles "yeah.... what about a pink or purple unicorn for Em's room?  She'd like that."

He's a little man: he takes the weight of the world on his shoulders, he wants the best for everyone.

The Inspiration for Boy's Bedroom Makeover

Fast forward, about 7 months:

Tyler says he wants a RED Bunk bed...Red, and he said "you can paint it". Well of course I can paint it - hello!

As luck would have it, I found a Red Metal bunk bed on Craig's list for $100, I went to check it out (with Mom in tow and cell phones set to dial 911).  The bed had been sitting on this guy's side porch for 2 years, the bolts were corroded and it was missing the actual desk part. So I got him to bring the price down to $80 (I probably could've gotten it for less, but I knew the piece of furniture I was getting was awesome).  SOLD!

I still had in mind a jungle type of theme, but changed it up a bit thanks to Ben sending some old camouflage netting, with that the vision came to life!  Tyler's room would be an Explorer's room.

The Boys Dream Room - the Explorer's Room

When you walk into his room, this is what you see:

Notice the painting and the curtains changed.  Not too exciting just yet, but wait!

When you look left, there are all sorts of details for the future explorer!  I used the camouflage netting as decor over the mirror and I cut triangles in the netting to hold stuffed animals.

Some other finishing touches: the map that I customized to show the travels of Ben, myself and the places where Tyler has been.  Clocks from Hobby Lobby to show the time difference between where we are other parts of the world.

And last but certainly not least, the bargain of a bed that just needed a nice facelift!  Using Zip Ties, I attached the camouflage netting to the top of the railing and pulled to the side where he can easily unhook it to fully enclose the bottom desk area.

Personal Touches in Tyler's Room of Adventure

The bed was missing the desk, so I had a board cut at Lowe's and I sanded, stained and put 3 coats of polyurethane on it.  The desk matches Tyler's furniture perfectly!

On the morning of the surprise bedroom makeover, Grandpa and Grandma helped put the bed together - Grandpa said "make sure you tell your brother, 'see I can do stuff'." So, I grabbed my camera for proof. :)

This is another viewpoint in the room, where we added a couple of really neat details:

Grandpa bought this bluegill off of eBay.  It is similar in size and coloring to one that Tyler had caught before with Grandpa.

I made this sign on my Silhouette machine "Adventure Begins with a Thought".  I actually debated between several sayings like "Adventure is out there" or "Adventure Begins when you Create and Dream" (ABCD) and decided on this one because frankly Adventure is anywhere you want it to be when you use your mind, and Tyler has an amazing imagination.  I really want to encourage Tyler's imagination.

This is a closeup of the painting that Grandma had started and then I finished.  We worked on it over a year ago; it found a home in Tyler's room.

Tyler is a finder/collector of unique and dead things; the fish bones he had held onto for over a year (I've stepped on it before - it hurt - a lot...).  So, I gathered what I could find in his room and put it all together: sharks teeth from North Carolina, Turtle Shell from Tennessee, Fish bones from Alabama and a stick figure that he made (I've stepped on one of those too).

Tyler was fascinated by some deer heads that he saw at a lodge in Lake Guntersville, while I didn't want to buy a whole deer head I did see these antlers at Hobby Lobby and thought they were the perfect size for another nice, functional touch.

The map was an idea that started when I met with a counselor regarding Ben's deployment.  She recommended we get a map to show where we are and about where Ben is located. I found World Decorator [Laminated] (National Geographic Reference Map)that was the right size for the space, which I then took and put onto a foam board.

The idea expanded to, let's show Tyler how big the world is, where he has been, where I've been and where Ben has been.  There is so much to explore, so much to see!  And I decided to string it all back to where we live; I wanted to convey that adventure starts from home and always leads back to home.

Tyler has a ton of stuffed animals and I just had to snake these two snakes down the ladder. :)

On top of the bunk bed we bought new bedding ordered from Amazon (it's the same mattress as Em's because it is sooo super comfortable, Signature Sleep Contour 8 Inch Twin Mattress) and the duvet, Anlye Galaxy Bedding Collection Green Galaxy  Bedding Set, is absolutely gorgeous!  I was really surprised at how colorful and silky the material was for this celestial bedding!

This little trunk I found at Hobby Lobby and rigged up with a couple of L brackets to act as a shelf and to hide his 'treasures'. :)

He has a place over his bed for his favorite stuffed animals.

And he has an amazing bird's eye view of the room. I also installed this wall lamp that I found at Lowe's.  I was shocked how easy it was to install!

The original brown, boring curtains are still in place, what I did was take some of the camouflage netting and stapled gunned it to a board, then used L Brackets to hang the board over the existing curtains.  And Voila, cool curtains!

Tyler had been waiting patiently for months for the big bedroom makeover and what amazed me about him is I was done about 8pm the night before his birthday and he didn't want to see it that night, he wanted to wait for his birthday. :)  He's a neat kid and this room really reflects his personality and I pray that he stays adventurous, thoughtful and curious.

What's your favorite part of this Explorer/Adventure Boy's Bedroom Makeover?

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