SEC Paintings: Video Tutorial to Paint an Ole Miss Football Helmet

Football season is coming up - YEAH - TAILGATING!!!!

I went to Ole Miss, by far the best school in the nation for tailgating (IMO :) ). People set up wonderful displays in The Grove with lots of finger foods, decorations and big screen TVs.  Tailgating is better than going to the game (again IMO :) ), I go for the social aspect, the sports are just the reason to show up. :)

I've decided to do some SEC paintings and I hope you all use them to decorate your tailgating tables, maybe even put on your front door, decorate a recreation/game room etc, have an alumni party or sorority painting party. Show your spirit, have a party and paint to get ready for the upcoming Football Season!!

To set the series off we are starting with my Alma Mater: Ole Miss - HOTTY TODDY!!

Painting supplies for painting Ole Miss Football Helmet

  • Acrylic Paints

  • Cup of Water
  • Paint Brushes
  • Wax paper for a pallet or paper plate - grab from the kitchen.
  • Paper towel - grab from the kitchen.
  • Stretched Canvas - 10" x 10" or 12" x 12" (or your preference).

  • Easel: below are all of the easels that I have purchased over 15 years of painting and still love. From top left down: The large wooden one sits in my Craft Room, the Aluminum one is one that Em uses when I teach her, the Vintage one sits in our Master Bedroom and the black easel is portable for Plein Air painting and can be used for table top painting. In the end, you pick what works best for you.

Please note: this painting is for individual consumption and not for sale or resale.

I hope you have a wonderful time painting this Ole Miss Football Helmet!  Feel free to send pics!

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