On The Homefront: Dog's Bedtime Prayer and Funny Video

I this Dog's Bedtime Prayer on Facebook, where I find all my funny stuff and news, and I knew you'd appreciate it:


And this video also cracked me up!   It confirms I am totally not a girly, girl: I am me, who wishes I could be a girly, girl - I wish I felt like I wasn't dressed up in a T-shirt dress and flip flops.  If it has a title of "dress" in it, I feel dressed up. I'll never do a selfie because I feel conscious on side views and duck face lips are ridiculous.  And, frankly, selfies are just absurd (IMO, why would I take a selfie for others to see, if they wanted t a picture of me then they'll take a picture - hellooooo!)...but then again if I did this, I'd be different and you'd not like me - so, I'm good :) , I'm me and 'gosh darn it, people like me' :).

:) hope you get a kick out of this! 


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