Disney & Nickelodeon Vacation: Disney's Magic Kingdom

The first time we took the kids to Walt Disney World I think we made several mistakes that culminated into a vacation, that simply wasn't a vacation, it was exhausting...
  • The kids were 3 and 5 years old, too young to walk, communicate well and couldn't ride all the rides.
  • It was June, probably the hottest and most crowded time of the year.
  • We tried to cram all the parks into 4 days.
So this year we went to 3 Walt Disney Parks over 4 days and didn't push it.  One of the days we even drove to the park so we wouldn't have to adhere to the complimentary Nickelodeon Resort's shuttle service. (click here to see more about our stay at Nickelodeon) We also did a lot of divide and conquer, where Ben would take Tyler to ride a ride and Em and I would go to ride a different ride: Tyler LOVED the roller coasters!

Thanks to the Nikon Coolpix camera that I bought Ben for Christmas Nikon COOLPIX AW110 Wi-Fi and Waterproof Digital Camera with GPS (Black), we were able to get some unusual pictures. :) The Nikon Coolpix camera is water proof, freeze proof, shock proof and has wi-fi (he has traveled to Russia in the Winter and is now in Afghanistan - so he needed this camera.  The water feature proved valuable for this vacation).  We took it with us to Walt Disney World and check out these pictures! They make me laugh every-single-time!
The classic picture of the Magic Kingdom's Castle.  Meanwhile,

The kids were on sensory overload - "which way do I go George, which way do I go?"

and this was the look that I got, like "this was all your idea" :)

I couldn't get the kids to sit still long enough to get a picture with this classic statue of Minnie and Walt Disney, but oh well, it was still a great picture!

I LOVE this picture!  He really tried to pull the sword from the stone - there are veins popping out of his neck and he is gritting his teeth!

Mickey Mouse heard that it was Ben's Birthday, and was surprised what a big boy he was!

Ben got a handshake

and a hug from Mickey Mouse for his birthday. :)

After we visited with Mickey Mouse we took Em on her very first roller coaster ride at Splash Mountain. Using our  Nikon COOLPIX we were able to get some pretty hilarious pictures. :)

After Splash Mountain, Emily was pretty hesitant to ride another roller coaster.   But we convinced her to ride Thunder Mountain because we told her she would not get wet, plus Tyler had already ridden it and wanted to ride again.  Tyler's reactions were very different from Emily's.

Next up - EPCOT!!!!

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