12 Go-to Breakfast for Dinner Recipes

There is something about have breakfast for dinner that makes everyone come to the table ready to relax and ready to savor the food.  I think it has to do with the end of the day. At least in my household, we are fairly rushed in the morning; if I make biscuits, bacon and eggs we have about 15 minutes to eat before I rush everyone out the door for school.  But in the evening, in addition to biscuits, bacon and eggs, I can add cheese and jalapeƱos to the eggs,  whip up some sausage gravy to smother the eggs and biscuits - we have time to relax and enjoy a savory meal.  And frankly, we ALWAYS have bacon and eggs in our house (Thank God for Costco! :) ) so breakfast for dinner is a go-to for us.

I wanted to share with you a collection of sweet and savory recipes I've compiled on Foodie.com that is specifically designed to have breakfast for dinner, I hope you enjoy the absolute best meal of the day!
Check out Breakfast for Dinner

by Stephanie at Foodie.com

When you are out of time, low on ingredients, what is your go-to recipe for dinner?

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