Back to School: Free downloadable!

 Who's thinking about back to school?!  ME! :)

For years I've seen other mom's posting Facebook pictures of their kids with placards saying what grade the kids were entering and I'm the slacker mom who didn't make a sign, who didn't take a picture - I felt terrible!  I didn't even think of it!  But this year I'm ahead of the game  - HA, and unlike some of the others I actually want to help other busy moms!  and hopefully these downloads will help all of you busy moms too!  

Please click on each of the images below to download the files, and please feel free to spread the word to other busy moms! NOTE: I only made them up to 4th grade, if you think you'll use them beyond the 4th grade let me know and I can whip up additional grades (now that I have the basic setup, which took me a couple of hours).

I hope this helps and please feel free to share to fellow busy moms!


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