20 Super Cute Ideas for School Lunches

I've recently had the conversation with my kids about "Make vs. Buy" when we decided to make chocolate covered pretzels rather than buy them. The cost of make vs buy is two fold:

  1. Time is Money: which do you have more of and which do you have less of? For example: if I have time to make chocolate covered pretzels then I can save money buy purchasing the ingredients and making it myself.  If however, I don't have the time but have an undying need to have a chocolate covered pretzel then I can buy it if I decide the value of the purchase is worth it.

  2. Do I want it my way or will I accept the way someone else made it?  One of the huge advantages of doing it yourself , for the control freaks - like me - is you get it exactly the way you want it and you know what's in it or how it was made.

So, this got me thinking about the upcoming school year: do I really want my kids to eat what the school puts together?  Will I have time to put together healthy meals that they'll actually eat?  Then like a sign, I received an email from Glam media to put together a post to showcase foodie.com, so I choose to start putting together some super cute, healthy lunch selections. I hope you enjoy!

Check out these 20 fantastic school lunch ideas and now I'm inspired! School Lunch Ideas
by Stephanie at Foodie.com

OK, now I that I've put together my foodie board for school lunches, I feel ready!  I'm going to put a little love, a lot of imagination and healthy food into my kids lunch boxes for them to enjoy!

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