How to Make a False Bottom

This post is the second part to Teaching my 5 year old how to refinish furniture.  We finished painting and decorating the trunk.  I also added a neat feature to the trunk, a false bottom or a secret compartment!

What you'll need to make a Secret Compartment

I glued and clamped the short boards to the board.  I didn't bother painting the underside - no one is going to see that anyway - except for this post. :)

If you follow me on instagram you saw my daughter putting these foam kits together in an assembly line fashion last year.  I had no idea what we were going to do with all of these, but she did such a fantastic job I held onto them.  We FINALLY had a use.

We painted the top pink and glued all of these things on it. How cute is that!

Here is what the bottom of the trunk looks like with the false bottom - very pretty :)

I glued a piece of ribbon under one of the decorative pieces for a nicely concealed handle.  Also, because I used shortened side boards underneath the false bottom, if needed we can push down on and the bottom will pop up.

Now the trick is getting to the false bottom...


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