Developing My Daughter's Passion

So, I lied to to my daughter.  I felt bad about 'tricking' her, but I wanted her to be part of her surprise bedroom makeover.   It took me a while to figure out how we are going to make it a surprise, but it had to be a surprise because I wanted to give her one of the most memorable surprises my parents gave me, I wrote about that in the post "Start of a Surprise Bedroom Makeover"

This was the first thing I bought from for $299.  I set it up in our extra garage so I could get accurate measurements when cutting the material.  Notice I used plastic on the floor - this way I didn't have to worry too much about the material getting dirty.  I have to say, it was COLD in January in this garage!

The story (lie) built up when we started with a girls day of material shopping in Fayetteville, TN.  Where we bought all of this material so we could redecorate Grandma's room.  Yep, Grandma was the whole reason we were shopping.  :)

We bought 15 yards of white chiffon for the bed curtains to go around the canopy daybed, 5 yards of fluffy purple material for the comforter and pillows, purple and pink for the pillows, purple rope and all they had of the purple lace that is going to be used on the canopy part of the bed.  (When Em saw the purple fluffy material she laid on top of it and said "this, we have to get this!  Can we get it for me too?") :)

Em wanted to help with the sewing so much, but she was 4  and frankly I didn't want her to mess with a sewing machine just yet.  But I did find a way to get her to help, and she was loving it.  I taught her how to rip seams.

Yep, I messed up on a couple of pieces and Em helped a lot!  I was scared to death she'd poke herself with the seam ripper.  The key was to direct her to pull the seams 'up-up-and away'.    She did a really good job! She was at this for over an hour and I had to pull her away to go to a birthday party. :)

She also helped pick the paint colors for "Grandma's room".   My little girl is brilliant, she placed the paint swatch over another paint swatch like this - I didn't know that's what the little square cut outs were for!

Em decided whether the pillows would have bling or not.

Creating is my passion, I see it in my Em and it came from my mom; who it came from before mom, I'm really not sure.  But I'm grateful that Em has people who understand her, can help grow and support her as she develops her skills in her passions. My prayer for her is that we are able to guide her and build this gift, this passion so she can live every day doing what she loves.

What gifts are you seeing build in your child/children?

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