What is your passion?

Some people have a passion for creating, law, art, designing, decorating, medicine, teaching etc.  How do you know when you have passion?  Passion is when you you start something and suddenly the day is gone and you've forgotten to eat, forgotten to sleep, or didn't realize that you've done 'something'.  Have you ever gotten lost like that?

When I am lost in my passion, I feel at home. (that's my quote, never been written and I'm going to make a sign for it. :) ). My mind is relaxed and I'm at peace.

When I'm refinishing furniture, painting picture frames, sanding, nailing, ripping, writing, editing pictures, painting, etc., I have no concept of time - I'm lost, I'm focused and I'm happy. So when it came to redoing my daughters room, while I was under a tight timeframe, when I was actually doing the work I was happy.  All of my other worries were cast aside and I was lost in the task.  When I finish something like this, I have a fleeting moment of accomplishment of a job well done and then I'm sad because it's over. I'm sad, only because I'm thinking 'what else can I make better?'  {which is why I'm always going to have projects}. 

I crave that passion, it's my version of adrenaline rush: I have literally picked up furniture off the side of the road and yelled back to my son who is sitting in the car "one man's trash is another man's treasure!" and was thrilled for the rest of the day at my find.  I have no actual use for the piece in my house, but I see the potential in it and I have to fix it.  My husband and son see this as work, for me it is play - I can't explain it, it just makes me happy. {shrug}

While everyone was playing Uno, I was in the cold garage giving this almost 100 year old furniture a face lift. This furniture was given to my grandparents as a wedding gift, then was handed to my mom, then handed to me and now I'm giving it to my daughter.  It has history, it has memories and now it is hers.

Here is what her furniture looked like before.

And this is the furniture while in progress.  Painting furniture is super easy.  Sand, if needed, then get Kilz tinted with the paint color you want and then polyurethane it several times, let it dry and then lightly sand with steel wool.  It just takes a bit of patience, and a lot of bending and stooping.

What is your passion? What do you get lost in? 


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