To My Valentine

Valentines Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day can be really tricky days to shop. I want to get something memorable and something they don't have, and/or perhaps something personal.  Finding something like that is rarely found in Target or Walmart but I have always found a fabulous gift at or I've simply just made it.

A couple of months ago I received the Deluxe Wall Gallery Frame from RedEnvelope and I knew this would be the perfect gift for my husband and our family.  Please note: RedEnvelope provided this frame as a gift to my husband and did not ask me for a post in return, I'm doing it because I put it up and I LOVE it!

Ben is away this week with limited to no access to the Internet , so I'm able to do this as a surprise Valentine's Day Present. :)   I put the Gallery Frame in the hallway leading to the master bedroom.

I left a spot open for a future picture using this Photoshop Template that came from the Just The Bee's Knees .

Some of these pictures date back before this blog. :)

And some of these pictures you have seen before.

The Deluxe Wall Gallery Frame is a gift that can last and show a lifetime.  It's a perfect gift for the loved one in your life, especially if you can fill it with pictures of their loved ones (it makes it very personal and takes a lot of the work out of it. :) ) Check out some of the other great gift ideas that has on their wedding gifts line!

What was the best Valentine's Gift that you have ever been given?

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