Making a Call Out – Help Please :)

I wish I would have bought-

February 10, 2014

7 thoughts on “Making a Call Out – Help Please :)

  1. You should just go to a paint your own ceramic studio near you and make your own! But the store looks like cracker barrel lol.

    1. I’ve actually considered that! You know how we crafty people are – if you can’t buy it (or even if you can) you can make it! My mom hand pours porcelain and china paints, its just a matter of finding the mold – I started googling today to see if I can find a mold of some sort…that may be the next step. :) I really, really liked the plates. :)

  2. Oh – I hope someone can help you find them. I do think you could make it – I hope you give it a try… write a post about it if you do!

    I have had many shopping regrets, but I don’t think any that have lasted 3 years (or, I’m old enough that my memories don’t go back that far… either way… 😉 )

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