How My experience with Kids Art turned me on to Art: Spotlight on Faigie!


February 5, 2014

11 thoughts on “How My experience with Kids Art turned me on to Art: Spotlight on Faigie!

  1. What a great idea! Our daughter is very artistic, me not so much, so when we decided to homeschool I was very concerned that her art would regress with me teaching her. Not so in fact! Because we were no longer limited to a set curriculum we researched and practiced things that she was interested in and I learned right along with her. Now she’s ready to graduate high school and is putting together her portfolio and when I look at what I’ve created…well it’s not gallery worthy, but even I’ve come a long way in the last 7 years :)

    1. That’s wonderful! I have heard from some of my friends who pursued an art degree that they felt limited because of what they learned and were critiqued on in school – stifled was the word one of them used. My mom is a good reference, she creates all sorts of stuff on her own by reading, dreaming and trying – it’s amazing! She has worked up the most gorgeous piece I can’t wait to share, it gave me chills and made me tear up it was so amazing!
      The key, I think, is to be proud of your work and creation. And, if criticism is provided, find that tiny grain of wisdom in even the most cynical critisism to enhance the current spirit of the piece, after all not everyone should be a critic because not everyone is good at being constructive.
      I’d love to see some of your and your daughters work!
      Thank you so much for leaving a comment and contributing to our community!

  2. I truly believe the artistic gene skipped me. It was in my grandma and mom and in all 6 of my kids. Me however yeah no. Or maybe it’s because of my lack of patience and wanting everyting to look perfect the first time vs practice practice practice. lol

    1. Cell ei have really come to believe that most can learn some level of art. Have you heard about drawing on the right side of the brain. Amazing things happen with people who couldn’t do anything

  3. I think that is how just about everyone discovers they have any talent. They get thrown in it, in school or even later in life in a job, and slowly they get more involved. Then bam, you love it!

  4. Being thrown into the deep end definitely forces you to discover where your strengths lie. But working with kids gives it a whole new dimension – they don’t let you put limits on yourself the way working with adults might.

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