Elf on The Shelf - Attacked!

The scene: It was a warm winter day, LilMan came home from school, finished his homework and was watching Sponge Bob Square Pants, I was upstairs on a conference call.  It was a quiet day, with little drama and not much noise, then all of a sudden:
LilMan called from downstairs "Moooommm, moooommmm".
I put the phone on mute and call back "I'm on a call, give me a couple of minutes."
"No mooommm, Sophie did something bad, something really bad."  He was holding Sophie by the collar while coming up the stairs, LilMan was almost in tears.
"Oh, ok, show me what Sophie did."

The girl Elf had fallen from her perch and Sophie thought she was fair game.

The trauma: teeth marks on her head.

The hat is gone.

The stuffing was chewed out of her rear-end.

The culprit: Sophie.  She's easily bored and cute. :)

So now what? We couldn't have an Elf die at Christmas - thankfully she was in a hibernated state that her body didn't react like it was if she was fully awake - That'll work!

The next day she was bandaged up, had a crutch, lots of gauze on her head and lots of magic dust on her to bring her back after being touched by Sophie.

LilMan was surprised! He thought she was going to be buried at the North Pole, but it turns out she's going to be okay.

When all of this happened, I actually Googled "Elf on the Shelf chewed up by dog" - I found a video of someone intentionally giving the elf to a pug, that wasn't helpful, so if this happens to you, I sure hope this helps!

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