Tate Farms - the Place to Be for Fall

I don't know about you guys, but I feel like fall has fallen on us FAST!  We went to Tate Farms one Saturday after Em and LilMan had soccer games and arrived at Tate Farms a little after 2 and stayed until 5:45 (they close at 6) and while we were warm earlier in the day, towards 5:30 we were cold.  But we kept on moving because it was just too much fun!

There are so many photo opportunities at Tate's Farm, I had a hard time narrowing down which ones to share...so there are quite a lot of pictures in this post. :)

This is the view when you first enter into Tate Farm.  They have a country store with neat crafts, boutique style decorations and hot coffee, cider, cocoa and yummy things.  To the left of this picture is the line for the cotton candy, funnel cakes and other good stuff - FUNNEL CAKES!!!!

And of course they have lots and lots of pumpkins!

They have all sorts of fun pumpkins, red ones, green ones, swan shaped ones, white ones.  But what the kids come for is:

Amazing slides, bouncies, hay maze, hay rides, swings, corn pits, corn cob train, farm animals, face painting etc.  Every year it gets bigger and bigger. :)

How much fun is this!!!  The kids went on the bouncy Pillow 3 times in a row!

Even after they bumped into each other they laughed it off and kept going. :)

His smile shows that he doesn't have a care in the world; he is right where he wants to be...:) Love it!

My little girl has a determined look like 'I'm going to jump HIGHER!'

This one is out of focus, but man he got some air!

Next, to the BIG slides!!!

I can't tell you how many times they went down the big slides :), but enough for a bunch of fun pictures!!!

Aren't they just cute!

Then we were off to visit with the farm animals (after a stop at the face painting station - for $1, can you believe it, just $1 to have their face painted!!!)


For the life of me, I can't keep her hair out of her face (she had it up in a pony tail for soccer, then in a headband and now I have no idea where the headband went!)

Grandma, LilMan and Em getting to hold a cute little bunny - awe!

We got to ride behind a tracker among bales of hay to pick out our own pumpkins.  LilMan kept looking for the biggest one with the most bumps on it.  He found a winner!

While we were waiting on the rest of the folks to pick their pumpkins, I took this picture: it is just gorgeous countryside.

I hope you enjoyed our visit at Tate Farms and check it out for yourself too!


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