How to Make Mason Jar Wall Sconces

Mason Jar Wall Holders _Grinninglikeanidiot-0346

October 21, 2013

23 thoughts on “How to Make Mason Jar Wall Sconces

    1. Thanks Liz! I love functional art, and that is what mason jars have become for us.
      Thanks for looking and becoming a vocal participant!
      Stephanie from

  1. I like this! I want to make one for my daughter’s room to hold all of her hair accessories and jewelry in.

  2. Those are fabulous! We have a whiteboard and need somewhere to put the markers… I think I will try my hand at creating one of these.

  3. I ADORE these!! I could totally do that and fill the mason jars with my kazillions of pens! It would be perfect next to my desk!

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