How to Make Mason Jar Wall Sconces

One of the things that drives me nuts about my office/craft room, or any room for that matter, is not having what I need within arms length of where I need it, you know what I mean?  Whenever I wanted to paint, sew, draw etc., I'd spend a good 30 minutes getting everything together only to find out that I was missing something and would need to make a run to the store (this always seems to happen with home improvement projects where I have to run to Lowe's 3 times in a day) - this drives me nuts!  It totally breaks the creative flow, the progress - well, you probably know what I mean. :)

So, some time ago I had pinned the below mason jar Toothbrush and Towel holder that "Coffee With The Mrs" 

While I didn't have a need for a toothbrush holder, I just loved the Shabby Chic approach "Coffee with The" took and knew I'd have a ton of uses for that.  The first that came to mind was all of my paintbrushes.

Using Pipe clamp, spray paint, wood and a Mason Jar.  I got to work.  The first thing I did was beat the heck out of the wood and racked screw drivers up and down it in random order to give the wood a distressed look.  If you have old wood, you get to skip this step.

The hardest part was screwing the clamp onto the wood, be sure to ask someone at Lowe's about how to crew the clamp on... mine is completely rigged because I refused to make a run to Lowe's again to get a drill bit that would go through steel...I claim it as a crafty genius rigging :)

Next I took wood glue and clamps, glued the pieces together using Elmer's Wood Glue. Then I took 3 colors of spray paint: Grey for the base, Metallic Silver and Turquoise for accent.  The Silver and Turquoise sprayed I randomly on to the wood to get the above look.

My craft/work room is very compartmentalized and in this corner I have my painting station.  Before I made the wall sconces and installed the shelf I had to go around my room to get my supplies (paint brushers were in the 3rd drawer, the mediums were in a basket, and I usually would have to hunt for the paper towel).  Now, everything is right there!

I have all my paint brushes in the jars, and on a handle I have my Oderless Mineral Spirits and laying on the ledge is a wipe out tool (generally used by China painters but has proven to be useful in oil painting).

On the little shelf, I have my assortment of  mediums and pallet knifes.

Everything is right where I need it and it probably cost me around $20 (the shelf was the most expensive thing and even that I painted to get the look I wanted).

I also made a small one for the Whiteboard Markers that I shared in the post, "How to Make a Whiteboard Wall".

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