20 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Me


October 27, 2013

15 thoughts on “20 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Me

  1. One thing NOONE else knows about me; I wasn’t going to keep my Daughter when I found out I was pregnant. My Mom & Step Dad, Dean, begged me to go thru w/ the pregnancy & keep the baby & they would help me. I was not married at the time. When Dean told me that God told him to step in & be the primary MAN in this baby’s life how could I NOT keep her. He had never wanted any children of his own, going as far as getting “snipped” in Viet Nam @ 19 yrs old, then married a woman w/ 3 almost grown children & helped her raise us as his own. We all say he did an AWESOME job. He WAS the best Dad to/for us & an even better Father figure for my Daughter. She had a most special relationship w/ Dean & when we married my husband now, he completely respected that bond & quickly became the second BEST man in Ashley’s life! I thank God EVERY day for my folks changing my mind 28 years ago. Sadly we lost Dean in 2000 to cancer & I honestly think my Daughter was/is impacted more by his death than my Mom was/is. He had a sweet nickname for Ashley & to this day she won’t let ANY one else call her by that name!WOW! I have to go blow my nose, wipe my tears & call my Mom! kweenbee_612@yahoo.com

  2. That was really interesting and it was cool of you to share. I love laying on the grass outside looking up at the stars through the trees.

  3. I have a super sensitive hearing. It drives my family nuts because they can rarely keep anything secret from me. It drives me nuts too because it’s VERY hard to sleep when you hear the faintest of noises, LOL.

  4. I did one of these posts recently, and totally agree. Writing about ones self is definitely hard to do. I also prefer Chardonnay these days. I used to be a Merlot kind of girl. :)

  5. Very cool that you’ve seen a ghost – we have stayed in haunted hotels, done ghost tours, all that stuff and still never had that opportunity!

  6. I love The Princess Bride movie. My maiden name was Metoyer and people would quote me the line, “My name is Inigo Montoya…” all the time because it is similar. When the movie was in it’s hay day it was annoying, now I just laugh and smile when someone does it.

  7. I relate to a lot of what you said being Type A myself. And Botox is a piece of cake. 😉
    xo Crystal

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