Restore Barstools and Personalize

Since we moved back into our own house (we took our house off the market) I've had several projects in mind to do to the house, one of which was to get some barstools.  We have lived in our house of nearly 6 years now and the whole time I've wanted barstools but Ben didn't.  I think he finally came to terms when we decided to keep the house, thereby saving a lot of money, and two when  I showed him how easy it would be to have the kids grab their breakfast at the bar every morning and not worry about Sophie, our food swiping doggie, eating their food.  Literally, all I would have to do was place the plates on the bar and remove them to the sink or dishwasher - saving time and my energy :).  Remember, happy wife, happy life. :)  He said ok...

I started by looking on Craigs List.  I quickly learned that nice cheap barstools go fast on Craigslist.  So I kept the search up on all our computers and would periodically check.  After 7 days of watching and missing 2 opportunities I hit a winner at 10pm on a Sunday night, although I was second in line to to send an email to him.  The guy was kind enough to let me know if the guy that asked for them first doesn't show up, he'll get in touch with me.

As promised, he gave me a call - turns out there were 3 others behind me if I wasn't interested.  I was most interested.  The guy owns a storage unit facility and when people don't pay for an extended period of time, it is his job to get ride of the stuff.  I got these 4 barstools for $120!!!

What drew me to them was the tops with the carvings, and they were the perfect height and I could just see them the way they were suppose to be.

Who knows how long they were in the storage unit, but they had layers of dust and spiders {ugh}...but, nothing that a rag and dust broom couldn't get off. :)

After cleaning them up, I took them apart - for the most part.

I took a piece of my existing furniture to Lowe's and matched the color to Valspar "Thistle Seed" and purchased the best tool ever, Wagner Flexio 590 Electric Powered Paint Sprayer!!! Seriously I have no idea why in the world I ever painted furniture with a paint brush before.  After I read the instruction manual, yep I'm a nerd like that, I was done with the first layer of paint in 15 minutes!   Clean up took me longer than it took to paint it because I really want to keep this valuable tool functioning properly, it was the best birthday gift ever!

Note: the color swatch above will take you to color swatch of the Valspar paint.

I added two coats of paint with the sprayer and lightly sanded in-between coats.  Then for a distressed look, I took a Mouse Sander to strategic spots for the nice worn look (plus if the kids ding it, I don't have to fret too much :) )

I even sanded the spots where their feet will go, again so I didn't have to try and keep them perfectly coated in Thistle Seed.

Once I got them the way I wanted them, I then coated them with two coats of wipe on Polyurethane with light sanding in-between coats.

Some other finishing touches:

080307161925sm Some of the screw covers were missing so I found them at Lowe's where the dowel rods are located - they are called "Oak Buttons".  Before this project I didn't know what they were called. :) They came in two sizes 3/8" and 1/2" and I needed both.

I installed these swivel base felt pads - the trick with these is to drill a hole first, then nail it in using the next tool,a nail punch.

A Nail Punch is a super handy tool that is easily lost.  You use it to punch in the nails so you don't damage the wood with hammer marks, I placed the pointy end on the nail and hammer the other end.

The 'W' was the finishing touch.  I used Gold Premium Vinyl Silhouette  and the font "Snell Roundhand" on my Silhouette machine.

The chairs are a perfect addition to our house!

Thanks for looking and I hope this post inspires you to take a weekend or two and make someone else's trash into your treasure!


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