Girls Day Out - with Desserts!

I've been blogging for two years now, and I've found that the online community is very supportive of each other, if you ask.  Because frankly - out of sight, out of mind.  We bloggers recognize that we are putting ourselves out there where we could easily be criticized, scrutinized, analyzed by others who sit behind the comfort of their computer screens and virtual anonymity.  But let's be honest, virtual relationships are not real relationships.  So this past week, thanks to Amanda, I had the opportunity to meet some amazing women in the Huntsville area that are not only talented writers, photographers but also make some KILLER Desserts!   During what was going to be a 3-hour gathering turned into about 6 hours because we had such a great time, I can't wait until the next get together!!!

I had no idea there were this many talent bloggers living in the Huntsville area!  I guess we women have a lot to say and share :).  And here is the crew, from left to right,

Lynda from writes about family, food and life
Kim from writes about dog obedience training
Amanda from writes about food, travel, and life
Katie from; writes about her love of cookies and food decorating.
Paula from writes about her family, Auburn pride, and food!
and me, food, family, crafts, etc.

You can tell Amanda is in her element, cooking and hosting!

As Amanda rushed around the kitchen we stood around, talked, and admired the food.

Amanda whipped up a pesto based cheese ravioli dish and a caprese salad.  While we all agreed we could definitely eat more, we knew what we were in store for - desserts!

I can't believe we even bothered with real food, this would have been just fine for my main course...look we had hot dogs, pretzels and ice cream cookies - I'd consider that a meal. :)

I read a post from another blogger well over a year ago (so I don't remember who said it), but essentially it went know you're a blogger when you say "wait, don't eat that I need to take a picture of it". :)...but this went to the extreme; yep we lined up to take pictures of the food. :)

We gathered around the food to take pictures of reminds me of the movie "Over the Hedge" when RJ said "food, food FOOD!"  All of these are real smiles because we realized how well trained we were; when Amanda would count "one, two, three" for her picture we all also clicked our picture. :)

Kim from brought cupcake size Key lime pies.

Katie from made these really well-decorated cookies.

Amanda from made these Billionaire bars.

Lynda from made these Cinnamon raisin biscuits, I'm afraid we had a major food blogging faux pas- we ate the Hot Fudge Dulce de Leche Brownies, before we had pictures..but they were delectable!

And Paula from made these little brownie bites.

I brought my Praline Key-Lime Icebox Pie, by far my favorite pie - ever - sorry no one is going to beat - I've modified the original recipe so that it isn't quite so tart...instead of using 1 cup of key lime juice, you 3/4 of a cup - it's perfect....OMI :)

Check out everyone's posts and their recipes and try them all for your next get together.

AKA Jane Random - Berry Brownie Bites
Dixieland Sweets - Decorated Cookies
Grinning Like an Idiot - Praline Key Lime Pie
Kevin and Amanda - Chocolate Caramel Cookie Dough Bars
Southern Kissed - Hot Fudge Dulce de Leche Brownies and Cinnamon BiscuitsModifiedBehavior - Key-Lime Pie compliments to the Pioneer Woman


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