Reuse Child's Art Easel - Part II

Waste not, want not...right!  In Part I of Reusing a Child's Art Easel I took apart Em's old Easel to make a wall Easel.  In this second post, I'll put to use the paint trays.

Here is the Wall Art Easel - I just love it.  :) For the full remake, check out my post "Reuse Children's Art Easel - Part I".

So when I took apart Em's art easel there were a couple of other very useful parts!

All I had to do was clean the paint trays up with a water hose, spray paint them with Kilz, spray paint another color, then spray on a sealer.

I used some Mason jars and Em's old water paint cup to hold her art tools.

Em now has more than one spot in my craft room to create (and keep her mess fairly contained) :).


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