Reuse a Child's Art Easel - Part I

Em was given an easel when she was about a year and half and it has served her well: its beaten up, painted on, an eye sore and now, it is time to find it another purpose...

This thing is just ugly and takes up a good space in my craft what do I do?

In a two part post, I'm going to show you what we did to reuse the pieces on the right in a space saving and fun way to display and create art.

I started with a frame that I've had for over 10 years (I used to show my paintings in Atlanta Galleries).  This frame fits a 22 x 28 canvas.

I placed the piece of wood I took from Em's old easel and placed it on top of the frame, giving enough space from the top to be able to slide canvas paper over the bar.

Then I screwed the piece of wood onto the frame...I'll be honest, I was hesitant to do this because these are beautiful and substantial frames...but you know, they have been sitting in my attic for 5 years.  I'm getting use out of them.

Then I spray painted the whole thing with Kilz (this stuff if fantastic - it covers everything, sharpies, paint, Crayola markers etc., it is a must have when having to repaint kids walls), then I used regular white spray paint.

Wall Easel collage 2

Step 1: I painted the areas of the frame with Silver Acrylic Paint by Daler Rowney .
Step 2: Paint it any color you'd like (I had a left over quart of paint from a silhouette project, "Stop Wasting Silhouette Vinyl"
Step 3 and 4: Paint over Step 2 to mute the color a bit.

This was hard to do after first, I just spent that time making it pretty only to scrub off some of the paint...but, I figured worst case scenario is I just paint it again.  What I discovered - distressing is a breeze!  After I initially sanded it by hand, I broke out the electric sander :) - now that was fun!

Once this was dry I added a sprayed it with a clear gloss sealer so any paint that gets on it will easily wipe off.

Finally I screwed it too the wall.  It turned out great!

The Paper that I put in it was 18 x 24 Mix Media by Canson (use with Acrylic, Watercolor, Pen and Pencil) from Hobby Lobby.

Once Em saw one of her paintings in it she was shocked and LOVED it :)

Stay tuned to see what we did with some other pieces of the Easel!


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