How to draw a Pillbug (Roly Pollie)

Summer is here!

My kids are super active outside (LilMan is apparently a bug hunter).  Well sometimes it just gets too hot outside and while he's chasing bugs all I have to do is be and they swarm to me.  Which lead to this indoor activity.   The inspiration for this drawing came from my son.

What you’ll need:
  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Sharpie
  • Colored Pencils/Crayons/Markers
Did you Know:
Here are some interesting bug facts I found on :to share with the kiddos while you are helping them draw this dog:

  • Pill bugs eat mostly rotten veggies and plants
  • Pill bugs are actually crustaceans (rather than bugs) they are more like shrimp than bugs!
  • Ok - this got a huge 'Huh!' from me - Pill Bugs don't urinate and they eat their own poop...go-figure!

  • Draw with a very light touch – so light that when you erase, you can’t see a mark. (test out a light touch before you begin drawing, by making a pencil mark and then try and erase)

  • The purple lines are the part of the new drawing.

  • The dashes are what should be erased.

  • Place paper horizontal.  (Note horizontal is often used for peaceful scenes – hence, landscape; vertical is used for portraits)

1. Draw a shape like a kidney bean.

2. Draw in 5 to 7 the humps.

TIP: 4-year-olds need more direction on this one: they'll put a ton of humps and they'll  make the humps on the bottom go in the same outward direction as the humps on the top.

3. Connect the humps with long "S's" in the front moving towards a straighter line in the back.

4. Add a little more shape to the scales in the middle. And then add the front face plate and antennae.

5. Add the legs with spikes and the segments in the tail.

6. Finally add some details.  The spots on the back, and the shine between each segment.

7. The leaf is totally optional.  At this point your child can do whatever they'd like to the Roly Pollie to get it to tell a story.  If they want to add a leaf around it, or have it crawling on rocks, flowers etc.

Here is the one my son drew (he's 6 and this is the first drawing he has even shown a remote interest in drawing. :)  His Roly Polly was in a battle and has a scar on his exoskeleton. :)

This is one Em did (she's 4); she needed a lot of help with the humps.  But on the bright side, she can draw an excellent slug or caterpillar.

She's proud of her drawing. :)

Hope you all enjoy this indoor bug drawing - save it for a rainy or super hot day.

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