Announcing my Free Ebook!!! Teaching kids how to draw

I got into blogging because I love to share ideas and I love it when someone actually does something that I’ve posted (I will literally clap my hands and squeal). :) It makes me feel like a contributor to the world and, I’ll be honest, I want more of that feeling! So I started writing this ebook back in September of 2012, spending whatever free time that I have on it (which you guys know, between kids, work, wife, and all the stuff I do for fun – craft, sewing, drawing, painting etc., – free time is gold). And I believe it to be finally done! The ebook is called “Teaching kids how to draw.”

The book has instructional tips, interesting exercises where you can learn a little more about how your child sees the world, or, rather, has been taught to see the world, followed by 3 different nautical inspired drawings.

My current email subscribers have already received their free copy and if you follow me through other means, facebook, twitter, pinterest, you too can get your free copy by subscribing to receive updates in your email.

Why should I subscribed to your email list?
As you might have realized, I love email subscribers. The fact that you have subscribed to my list means a lot to me and in order to make it worth your while I occasionally share patterns, drawings and ideas with my email list that I DO NOT share on the blog. My goal is to help you do more with less impact to your wallet so staying subscribed to the list is a smart thing to do.

Join the club – be a daisy picker and grin like an idiot. :)
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