How to draw out a painting using photoshop

There is a shortcut to create a realistic painting and ensure you get the proportions and perspective right, you put the picture into a grid.  I used to think it was cheating, but then I saw that DaVinci used a grid and didn't think about it as cheating again.  DaVinci and many artists use squares for their grids, but that requires a great deal of precision in laying out the grid on the picture and the canvas.  Instead, I break it down into triangles.  Hope you find this tutorial helpful on how to create a grid in Photoshop and re-use the smart object for future paintings.

Start with a picture.

Then using the crop tool, crop it to the same dimensions as the canvas you'll want to paint it.

Then using the line tool in a color of your choice, draw a diagonal line from corner to corner. Making an X.

Then keep drawing lines until you get the enough lines where you'll feel that you can draw it out. When I do portraits I have a bunch of triangles (if an eye is off by even a centimeter the person won't look right).

Then I merged all line layers by selecting the line layers, right click and select the "Merge Layers".

Then I converted the single layer to a Smart Object, by right clicking on the line layer and clicking "Convert to Smart Objects".

Now that I've created my grid, I can export the contents of the Smart Object and reuse it anytime (transform it to fit any picture/canvas size).

Now that I have a grid drawn on my picture, I use a yard stick to draw the same grid on my canvas.  Then begin drawing out what will become a detailed painting.

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