Elf On The Shelf Came to Our House


Elf on the Shelf has arrived. Join our family in the family fun and joy this little guy brings.




Created by Stephanie Weaver

Last night we let the kids sleep under the Christmas… In years past, we’ve always had white lights and this year it happened that Ben accidentally severed the pre-wired tree of it’s white lights. So when Ben took the kids to pick out a Christmas tree they actually jumped up and down and the colored lite tree with the “Please, please, please can we get this one!” Well he didn’t want to be the bad guy, so left the tree buying to me: I bought a pre-wired tree with white lights (because it looked like a real tree) and then I strung the tree with over a 1000 little colored lights. I must say, I had forgotten how happy a colored lite tree is. Even I found myself staring at it with glazed over eyes again. :)

The best gifts Ben and I could ask for.

The Elf apparently liked the scene. When Tyler woke up this morning, he said “Look Mom! He looks like he is looking at the tree! He must like the pretty lights too.” :)