November 2012

Chocolate Caramel Pecan Cheesecake-4

Chocolate Caramel Pecan Cheesecake

Happy Thanksgiving! Today is the day when a majority of the us overcook and overeat; yep I'm in the majority. :) I start cooking the day before by: brine  the Turkey at least 24 hours (let it sit in Kosher [...]

Burlap Pillows-0068

Another Burlap Pillow

When I started making the previous Burlap Pillow I got the idea for this pillow (I didn't set out to make two pillows, I only needed one, but I just had to make it).  I had purchased a bunch of [...]

Burlap Pillows-0065

Burlap Decorated Pillow

Time is moving too quickly.  Stores are already decorating for Christmas, our local station 96.9 is already playing Christmas music non stop.  Well, I'm not ready to burst into the next season without fully decorating for this one.  Each season [...]

thanksgiving wreath thumbnail

Thanksgiving Wreath

Thanksgiving is a tricky holiday to create a wreath for...but I think I came up with a winner. :) The inspiration - a Turkey votive candle holder.  Other materials used, glue gun, foam board, burlap material and pretty flowers and [...]

Our House-0043

Our Gorgeous House – IMO: You Be The Judge.

I've been extremely busy getting our house ready to be sold.  It's a bit nerve wracking to ensure a house is ready to be judged.   Before people start coming in,  I invite you to judge and let me know [...]