Waiting on Phil

Right now I’m sitting on my back porch with a cup a second cup of coffee waiting to take a picture of one of three ground hogs who live in the woodline behind our backyard. It’s a patience game… I think the ground hog is winning – I wonder if he, Phil, can hear the clicks of my keyboard…but I have a purpose, a purpose to capture something so that I may bring it back to my memory and share it with you and others.

If you follow me on Facebook, you probably saw the post where I said life is taking me for a spin, it’s fun and exciting and makes me want to throw up at the same time…well here is what’s going on: my kids are changing schools and we are going to move across town to be closer to the private school.

All of this was decided in less than two weeks. Seriously two weeks ago I honestly thought I would stay in my lovely home until the end.   It’s a house where I picked out every single thing, from the faucets and toilets to the wall paint in each room. It’s a beautiful home, and I’m sad that I’m going to move into another house.  I feel slightly stupid for being sad about moving because I recognize my home is a house and I can make a house a home; it’s my family that makes it a home.  But at the same time, when we move, we are leaving our home where Emily came home from the hospital, where Tyler broke his arm, it was our dog Charlie’s last home, and I’m also sad about leaving the sanctity of the nature that surrounds us.

I’m moved by the nature that surrounds our house, it makes me relaxed, observant, and take deep breaths: here is a picture of some of the deer that visited us a couple of days ago (there were seven that day).   It’s neat when the hummingbirds do a fly-by (they have a nest in the acorn tree just above the deer).

I actually look at the spiderwebs – this one I took while waiting for Phil.   There is a farm nearby where if the wind blows right I can hear the cows;  it’s soothing, it brings a smile to my face and it makes me pull my shoulders away from my ears. :)  It is just beautiful here…

I know we are on the right path:  there was one slot for Em’s class and one slot for Tyler’s class – they were meant to be there and our kids love their new school.   Tyler is doing really well with his reading, they are learning Christian principals and learning Bible characters every week .  I pray my next house I will be able to sit on my back porch and  listen to nature, see the stars, smell the flowers on the wind, and I pray that it is a fit for me and my family.

FINALLY – two of the Phils came out!!!  Aren’t they CUTE!!!!

  • Jen
    November 1, 2012, 6:46 am

    What a lot going on with your family.  Such a blessing that you recognize what makes a home and that your children are in such a good school that will feed their soulds as well.  Wishing you a safe move.

  • NiCoco W
    November 15, 2012, 11:59 am

    It took me a second to understand what you meant by Phils!  lol!  They are cute!!