October 2012


Waiting on Phil

Right now I'm sitting on my back porch with a cup a second cup of coffee waiting to take a picture of one of three ground hogs who live in the woodline behind our backyard. It's a patience game... I [...]

Chicken Wire Ghost-0017

Pinterest Do – Chicken Wire Ghost

I just love Halloween!  It's the one time a year that it's okay for adults to dress up in funky, fun costumes and shamelessly eat candy and you can let your imagination run wild of all the crazy scary stuff [...]

Cork Project-0034

Cork Projects

I've been saving my corks for some time looking for a project to do and I finally came up with one and had enough corks!  All you need are corks and a hot glue gun (I used 70 corks) Here [...]


I Hate Goodie Bags!

My rant: I hate making them, I hate receiving them - whoever started making Goodie Bags should've been shunned rather than copied.  I just picture that it started from some ultra-rich Jones type that everyone wanted to keep up with [...]