Silhouette Labels for Canning - Tips and Template

This past weekend I finally took the time to make labels for all of the jars of jam, sauces, and food that I've canned over the last several months; labeling a grand total of 60 jars of various sizes.  Needless to say, I now have a few tips and tricks when using Silhouette to make labels.  To help save you some trouble in the future, feel free to download my template.

Silhouette Cameo Print and Cut Tips and Tricks

  • Turn on "Registration Marks" and increase the distance between the top of the page and the registration mark.  The purpose of the registration marks is to signify to the Silhouette where the images are positioned on the paper so that when it cuts it aligns correctly (otherwise, Silhouette will guess and get it wrong every time.)

  • What I had found, sometimes my printer would start the registration mark before the printer ink touched the page.  So I moved the registration mark further into the page.  The default is .65, I increased it to 1.25.  Ensure your print and cuttings are inside the registration marks.

  • Review where you Cut and Print.
  • Anywhere in Red, is a cut area.  To make it an No Cut area, you simply select the area and click No Cut.  (Hint: if you have already grouped your image, you'll need to ungroup it to select the area that you don't want to cut).

  • Print a draft first on plain white paper and then cut as well.  Use the "Send to Silhouette" option rather than send to printer (if you send to printer first then send to Silhouette the program will prompt you to send to printer or skip send to printer - just fewer clicks).
  • You can always skip printing if you've already printed using the "Send to Printer" option.
  • Always try to Detect Registration marks automatically first.  You'll know that it registered when Silhouette actually moves from top to bottom and then upper right.  If the Silhouette machine only stays in the upper left it did not register  (even though the message will say it registered - it didn't).  If that is the case, then you'll need to manually register.

  • If you need to, you can manually register.  To enable Silhouette to manually register, click the arrows to align the cutter over the black box in the upper left (which is the initial registration box).  Once you have the cutter over the box, then select "detect registration marks".  Once this happens and you see the Silhouette machine move from top to bottom and then upper right.  You can then cut. (be patient if you need to manually register, it will find it).  Another Note: it will ask you if you want to skip registering and the answer is NO - otherwise your cuts will be completely off.

Feel free to download the below Silhouette Cameo Canning Label template by clicking on the above image.

Materials I used:


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