Recover Breakfast Room Chairs

The chairs in our breakfast room have survived the drippings from two drooling, spilling, spaghetti throwers, sticky hand wiper baby to toddlers.  My hope is that the kids are now old enough to have the restraint needed to not wipe their honey soaked hands on the chairs.

I figure it was time to recover the chairs…what do you think? :)

The colors were inspired by the cute owl cookie jar I got from AnthropologySoooo much better!

If you haven’t ever covered chairs before, here is all you need for a weekend project:

  • About a yard of material per chair (so you can ensure you have the pattern the same on each chair).
  • Screw driver to unscrew the screws holding the cushions onto the chair and to pry up the staples.
  • Pliers to pull up stubborn/broken staples.  I also used the pliers to grip the piping and pull it up (rather than pulling up each individual staple – I didn’t care if the material around the piping stayed perfect, I was going to cover it up anyway).
  • Staple gun to staple the material to the underside of the cushion.
  • Scissors to cut material to fit over the cushion.


  • Take your time removing the staples from the original black material covering the bottom of the chair so you can preserve and reuse it.
  • If there is piping around the chair, reuse it by covering up the existing material with the new material (there isn’t a need to remove the original material).
  • You don’t have to pull up the original cushion material, just cover it up with the new material.
  • Get your hubby involved.  Ben helped pry up the staples on the cushions while watching football. :)
  • Scotch Guard the cushions for easy cleanup (I sprayed each cushion 3 times).