How to Tell if it is "Good" China

You've probably heard either someone say in real-life or in a movie "fine China" or "she brought out the good China"; I never really stopped to think about it before - but what does it mean to have "Good China"?

If you've been following me for a while, you know that my Mom is super awesome at Hand Painting China.  She started painting when she was about 50 years old and is now in her sixties.  It was something she always thought she could do and just didn't have the time because of a job, raising kids, and other priorities.  But one day, an opportunity came up and she jumped at it and hasn't stopped painting. Because of her skills and knowledge about China, she has created several sets of family heirlooms of good quality.  When she purchases blank China, she looks for two things:

1) Trademark:  This plate you can readily read the trademark for Rosenthal "Versailles".  The marks that Mom looks for are Rosenthal China, Haviland China, Limoges China which are all made in France - not China.   (If you are China hunting, take your smart-phone so you can see if you are buying an antique or a remake and be sure to also check that you cannot peel off the trademark - that's another sign it is a fake).

2) Translucence:  If you don't know the trademarks of Rosenthal, Haviland, Limoges, which vary by year,  the easy way to tell is to hold it up to the light to check for the China's translucence.  If you can see your hand through the plate/cup it is "good" China.  FYI - the "China" that are made in China are generally dense and consist of imperfections or are copies of Limoges China; this "China" from China would be better for everyday wear and probably is more dishwasher and microwave friendly than fine China.

And it is really that simple!

With the Holidays coming up, my mind often goes to setting a pretty and functional table.  With that in mind, I wanted to share with you all a website I came across for how to set a formal and informal place setting by Classy & Fabulous The Modern Guide to Becoming a More Classy Woman.

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Here is some sampling of some plates that Mom hand painted for my daughter (who is currently 3) on Rosenthal China that Em can have when she gets married (mother, like daughter - Grandma is also preparing for Em's wedding day at the Botanical Gardens :) ).

The detail is exquisite!

The writing is done using a pen that is filled with China Paint.

The Gold is purchased by the ounce and painted on damp/humid days - perfect for Southern weather.


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Here is a conversation starter:  Surely I can't be the only one to think 20 years ahead to my daughter's wedding: what insane plans have you already made for you kids?

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