September 2012


Semi-homemade Halloween Nursery Rhyme {Silhouette Template}

Do you need a Last Minute Halloween Costume or non-spooky Costume? The night before a school parade I found out that Tyler needed a costume of his favorite nursery rhyme, so we went through a book that I've read to [...]

Alpha Mom

My First Encounter with the Alpha Mom

This soccer season my Hubby volunteered to be a Coach. When he first told me over the phone he was calling me from his "Man Conference" in Orlando.  My first thought was 'crap, don't I do enough' and what I [...]

KRAFT Macaroni and Cheese-0008

Back to Nature Organic Macaroni and Cheese – Giveaway

Recently Back to Nature was kind enough to send us some Organic Macaroni and Cheese, as well as their competitor's Macaroni and Cheese with no obligation to actually post about it.  But because we really liked it, I wanted to [...]

How to Tell if it is Good China-0087

How to Tell if it is “Good” China

You've probably heard either someone say in real-life or in a movie "fine China" or "she brought out the good China"; I never really stopped to think about it before - but what does it mean to have "Good China"? [...]


Why You Should Blog and Helpful Tools

  This week is my 1 year anniversary of blogging!   This is one of the longest posts I've written because I've got a great deal of passion for what I've learned, love and desire to do more. If there [...]

Breakfast Room Chairs-0015

Recover Breakfast Room Chairs

The chairs in our breakfast room have survived the drippings from two drooling, spilling, spaghetti throwers, sticky hand wiper baby to toddlers.  My hope is that the kids are now old enough to have the restraint needed to not wipe [...]


Silhouette Labels for Canning – Tips and Template

This past weekend I finally took the time to make labels for all of the jars of jam, sauces, and food that I've canned over the last several months; labeling a grand total of 60 jars of various sizes.  Needless [...]


Happy Birthday to Me!

Thanks to my Mother-in-law I went on a bit of a shopping spree for my birthday at Anthropology!  I absolutely LOVE Anthropology, not only for the clothes but also the fun household knickknacks.  But you know how it is, it's [...]