Decorating Pillows - Embellish with Ribbons

Last weekend Em made another pillow from with a bowl of ribbon and stuff that I had made or collected that I hadn't found a use for just yet.  She started decorating another pillow while still in her pajamas. (I think decorating and painting with mom is her favorite thing to do on weekends. ) :)

I took a seam ripper to one of the kids pillows that matched the other pillow she had decorated previously, Decorating Pillows - Make them Sparkle.  She's fun to watch, she actually sits back and looks at what she is working on to figure out if she likes the looks of it.  When she sat back and looked she actually said aloud  "hmm, that doesn't look right", then she removed the red ribbon; I'm seriously impressed!

This is when she decided "you can sew now."  Her grace commanded...:).  With a hot glue gun in hand, I glued down the pieces before I moved it and then hand stitched the pieces on before I sewed the pieces together.

Got to admit - she's good.


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