Silhouette Stenciled T-Shirts

On a hot afternoon, over a 100 degrees, we stayed inside and made some t-shirts.

During the kids naps, I made a couple of stencils on my Silhouette Cameo machine: one for LilMan with the word "Chatterbox" in Varsity letters and "You are my sunshine" for Em with a rhinestone sun (the sun came free with the Silhouette Cameo Rhinestone kit).

Kids projects take some prep work and about 30 minutes to actually execute.  Before I cut the stencil I printed it out on paper to make sure the layout was the right size and, in Em's case, the two templates lined up right on the t-shirt.

The prep work was worth it!   The kids have a great time painting on their shirts (Em even used 2 colors of fabric paint)  and they are proud to display their work. :)

Cooperative models they are not, but they really like their personalized t-shirts (they even slept in them:) ).

Here is a link to some awesome fonts to download for FREE!!!! at

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