Ruffles Roundup

Em is such a girly girl, It's just wonderful!  I get to dress her up like a doll in frills :) YEAH!!! 

And I just love the look as well, it is feminine and somewhat romantic.  I had to compile some fabulous ruffle tutorials I've been saving for a rainy day to do!

Can't you just picture throwing on this awesome ruffle collar cape to keep you warm! It could go casual and dressy. From

This was actually made from a used t-shirt!!! Thanks to Welcome to the Goodlife

Here's one I did to add some length to Em's pants on using an old  t-shirt.

Beautiful scarf by Sewing in no mans land

Ruffle Tea Towel by

Ruffle Bloomers by How Does She

Ruffle Camera Strap Tutorial by

And Last but not least: 15, yes 15, tutorials using Pre-Ruffled Fabric compiled by

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