May 2012

Customer Service thumbnail

Select Blinds – Fantastic Customer Service

I've heard that bad customer service gets told repeatedly and that good customer service is only told to like 5 people; my experience with Select Blinds was just so GREAT I had to share! When Ben and I bought our [...]

Pasta Noodles-

Shopping Find- Gorgeous Pasta!

I saw this Torino Italian Handmade all Natural Pasta at Costco, yes Costco, and just had to get it!   How pretty is this!!! Torino Designer Pasta Rainbow Farfalline (pretty bows) and the Torino Designer Pasta Farfalla Primavera (looks like [...]

How to Paint a Hot Fudge Sundae

How to Paint Hot Fudge Sundae!

I need your help on the 4th and last Sweet Painting!  What beautiful dessert would you want hanging in your house???? As you guys know Amanda and I have had a couple of gatherings to not only taste some awesome [...]

Teacher's Gifts--6

Teacher’s Gift – Scrapbook Gift Tags

This week my little boy graduates from Pre-K.  His school actually had the graduation at the Huntsville Botanical Gardens!  This was way better than my Grad School Graduation! I've been beyond happy with his school Primrose. He has been with [...]

Grandpa's Birthday--2

Silhouette Tag and Uniquely Decorated Birthday Present

Grandpa , my dad, turned 65 this year and we had to celebrate! So we put together a small family gathering where we grilled burgers, had lots of appetizers and yummy food.  Grandpa was in his element, good food, family and [...]

Redneck Glassware-0049

Shopping Find – Redneck Glasses

I found these great glasses at Bed Bath & Beyond: Kountry Krystal (don't forget to use a Bed Bath & Beyond coupon!) How fun are these glasses - I had to buy 2 (one for me and one for Ben). [...]

1950s_housewife2 copy2

A Quiet Moment – What to do?

Happy Early Mother's Day!   Today is a rare occasion.  The kids are quiet and I'm afraid to move in fear that I'll draw attention to myself and get hit with the barrage of "I wants" or just disrupt the [...]

Silhouette Shower Door-0184

Elegant Silhouette Touch to a Shower Door

Now this is not my original idea, I saw this at a friends house and LOVED it I had to do it and share :). All it is: I added a 10"w x 8"h letter made with my Silhouette Cameo.  [...]


Farewell to My Dear Aunt Flow – Day after

Day after update: After the procedure I woke up in a good mood, frankly I was chatty Cathy (alcohol and pain pills do that do me, in this case the pain stuff they gave me). I was just so glad [...]


Farewell to My Dear Aunt Flow

Tomorrow I say farewell to my Dear Aunt Flow, hopefully.  She has visited me for over 18 years now and for me she has worn out her welcome. ;) I'm a weee bit nervous because I'm thinking too much about [...]

Fabulous Lists

I love lists and live off of lists (grocery, to dos, ideas, party lists, packing lists etc). I bought a special notebook just to write my crafty ideas. It's soo pretty - I haven't written a darn thing in it [...]


The Screaming Inside

I live a lot in my head, do you know what I mean? Surely, I can't be the only one... For the past week I've been living Ben's life, where he drives the kids to and from school every day. [...]