Use Honey to Stop Allergies

Me: "Honey?"

Ben: "Yes, Sweetie?" dripping with sarcasm.

Me: "No, pass the honey...:)"  geez

Recently I went to the doctor because during a 3-day visit to New York the allergens kicked my butt!  The allergens apparently got me so bad I got Bronchitis - I have NEVER had Bronchitis.  New York in springtime, leave it to the New Yorkers, cause they were about the only ones who weren't sick.

Anyway, while at the doctors office the lady went through her regular questions and because I can talk to paint on the walls, I spill everything I believe about allergies.  And she basically said that "it's a myth" hello, I'm living proof, my kids are living proof!

Later that night, while I'm trying to go to sleep on a nice drug induced cough syrup slumber: I remember, doctors do not learn about natural preventative means, they learn about stopping/shortening whatever is already happening or they prescribe medicine to prevent it from happening again.  Bottom line,  they know medicine, they don't know about natural means because natural methods are way more difficult to control and study (and let's face it, the pharmaceutical industry funds the research, not farmers and naturalists).

So I feel I must spread the word so this "myth" doesn't die with us mothers, because like a previous post about Vicks Vapor Rub - this works too!

When we moved to Huntsville, AL about 5 years ago, for the first 2 years I was on allergy medicine 8 months out of the year.  Huntsville, AL is notorious for the Allergies - when the American Indians walked the Trail of Tears through Alabama, they called the Tennessee Valley the Valley of the Sick Head.  Now I don't take any allergy medicines.

So here's the deal: ever since my family and I have been using local honey we have not had any allergies!   When I explained this to the doctor, she said "well you are very fortunate, do you know what the likelihood of getting used to the one thing you may be allergic to from a bee?"  and this is where her logic failed:
  1. It doesn't take 1 bee and 1 flower to make up honey.  To make 16 ounces of honey, the bees will visit 30,000 + flowers!  And a bee tags 50 - 100 flowers in one trip before going back to the hive.
  2. One bee makes 1/12 tsp of honey in it's lifetime.
  3. A bee doesn't just go to the closest flower: they cover up to 12 square miles in one trip.
  4. A bee colony consists of 20,000 - 60,000 bees!
What do you think? Did one of these bees tag whatever you're allergic too and bring it back to make the honey.  Statistically speaking, it's a no brainer. :). The same can be said about eating local produce, if you live off the land around you, it becomes part of you and you develop a tolerance for it - naturally.

It took us about 6 months of eating honey on a regular basis before it finally hit us that we didn't needed Clariton.  IT WORKED!!!

How we use local honey daily (it's usually a breakfast thing for us). 
  • My kids dip their sausage/bacon and biscuit in it almost every morning.
  • I add it to your tea, smoothies, oatmeal, fruit, yogurt
  • Probably my favorite dip an apple with peanut butter on it - YUMMM!!!
  • Another favorite: Croissant French Toast with Pecans (a scrumptious breakfast) - OMG, it is an easy decadent breakfast!
  • Glaze Salmon with even amounts of Honey and Butter.
Give it a whirl for a while and see how it works for you. 

Post a comment below on what is your favorite use for Honey? and I'd also love some other home remedies for common ailments.

Sites I visited for my numbers to support a decision we made some 3 years ago:

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