How To Make Simple Spring and Summer Wreath

Ben is out of town and whenever he has to go away for work I get down and (I'm not proud of this), I  seek retail therapy to try and get a little bit happy again.  Retail therapy is not a good means to bring happiness, I recognize this, and in times I know it worries Ben.  The first time Ben had to go to Russia for 3 weeks is when I took up crafts again and started sewing.  One day when he called he asked "Who is Joann? I keep seeing her on bank transactions.." :).  What can I say, she's a good friend with a lot of cool stuff:)

This shopping trip I visited Micheal's (he has cool stuff too :) ) in search of  an idea to make a new summer wreath :).  After the Easter Egg Wreath I made I wanted to keep the vibrant color on my door.  The flowers were 50% off!

How To Make Simple Spring and Summer Wreath

I bought 5 large flowers, the foam board and sheet of moss.  I already had the green tulle (used it to make Christmas bows).
I used scissors, wire cutters, utility knife and a bunch of hot glue.

Cut 3" of the foam board.  Then cover the foam board with the moss and glue into place (I also used needles to hold the moss down while the glue dried).

I then made a tulle bow by taking about 6 feet of the tulle ribbon and making 3 loops on each side and tied it with another piece of tulle.

Using the wire cutters, cut the flower down to about an 1" (depending on the thickness of the foam board). Then glue the tulle bow onto the back of the flower.  I also looped some ribbon on the back of the board to hang the wreath.

And last poke the flower into the foam board. Isn't it pretty, fresh and colorful; I just LOVE IT!!!

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