Another Naptime Creation - Easter Egg Wreath

Another Naptime creation for less than $15.00! 

I saw on Pinterest an Easter Egg Wreath, it took me a bit to find the originator because it wasn't pinned correctly to give the originator credit or view the tutorial, but I think I found the originator "The High Heeled Hostess".

This was so super cute, I had to make it!!!

216 large eggs (18 bags with 12 eggs) + 69 small eggs (3 bags of 24 with 3 left over), a lot of hot glue (one mild burn) and a cloth covered wire frame and voila!  It's soooo pretty!!! 

The cost breakdown - everything I bought was on sale at Hobby Lobby (or I applied a coupon):
  • Large Easter Eggs 40% were originally .77cents a bag, 18 bags = $8.46
  • Small East Eggs 40% off were originally .87 cents for the bag = $1.56
  • I applied a 50% coupon on the wire wreath that was $3.99 = $2.00 (rounded up)
  • Ribbon 50% off where it was originally $3.99 = $2.00 (rounded up)
I made this wreath for less than $15.00 during naptime!!!!

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