April 2012

Spring_Wummer Wreath

Simple Spring and Summer Wreath

Ben is out of town and whenever he has to go away for work I get down and (I'm not proud of this), I  seek retail therapy to try and get a little bit happy again.  Retail therapy is not [...]

Honey for Allergies-

Use Honey to Stop Allergies

Me: "Honey?" Ben: "Yes, Sweetie?" dripping with sarcasm. Me: "No, pass the honey...:)"  geez Recently I went to the doctor because during a 3 day visit to New York the allergens kicked my butt!  The allergens apparently got me so [...]

How-to-draw-a-dog completed

How to draw a cute dog

It's been a while since I've done a drawing tutorial...here is one of my favorites.  This little dog drawing is just great to do over and over again!  You can make different types of dogs, dress them up, make them [...]

Too funny

Photographing Children

Recently I went to Blissdom (a conference for Bloggers) and pretty much went to every Photography session that I could and what I learned is one of those things that is obvious but it escaped me. When I take pictures [...]

Pink Tiger at Cedar Hill Farms

Easter at Cedar Hill Farm

I love coming to my in-laws house! It's a mini-vacation!:) We always do something fun, the in-laws always watch and spoil the kids, giving Ben and I time to ourselves. I actually get to read a magazine, have coffee or [...]

Holiday Traditions


This weekend Ben and I were driving up to his parents between 6 and 10 pm on a stormy night. Along the ride, the kids watch a movie, Ben and I talk about things we just don't have enough time [...]


Grinning like an idiot

Did you notice anything different?  Don't cha just love that question? :) I was in New York about a month ago on business and then took a couple of days off to have a vacation in New York with my [...]

Easter Egg Wreath

Another Naptime Creation – Easter Egg Wreath

Another Naptime creation for less than $15.00!  I saw on Pinterest an Easter Egg Wreath, it took me a bit to find the originator because it wasn't pinned correctly to give the originator credit or view the tutorial, but I [...]