Travel Necessities

Over the month of March I'm traveling every week. It can be very tiring and frustrating to travel so much...getting dressed and packed to go to the airport to just get undressed, unpacked to get through the screener - arrghhh...but I have have my survival kit for calmness.

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my Nook.  I honestly didn't think I'd like it because who can beat a book. But here is the thing, it has so many perks! 

  • With the case, the Nook feels like a book.  With this Kate Spade case I can add my receipts, carry my credit cards, hotel door card, receipts etc. 

  • I can download or access books at any time. (There has been times when I've been on the plane waiting for it to depart and downloaded a book while at the gate.) 

  • I can take it with me in my purse and read while I'm waiting on my colleagues or by myself at a restaurant.

  • I can take it with me to the hotel gym, increase the font size and read away.

  • Bottom line the Nook IS AWESOME!! (I can give more reasons outside of travel, just ask :) )

Every single time I travel I break at least one nail, at least!  I found "Nail Buds" in the airport Hudson News store, they are a must have!
The little blue things and the gum are a must have to help my ears pop on the airplane. The things that go in my ears are a must if I'm slightly stuffed up, because my ears won't pop even if I have water or gum, these little things help release the pressure in my ears (without them I'm literally brought to tears).  

Helpful tip: if your traveling with kids you need a whole different kit, but include the gum, drink, granola bar(s) and the ear things.  Most of the kids crying on the plane are crying because their ears hurt.  If your a parent who travels frequently or airline reading this - please carry suckers - the kids/parents will appreciate it.

Airplanes are notorious for zapping moisture so I always carry moisturizer for lips and hands.  What I can't bring with me is water, (it's unfortunate that a bunch of terrorists can ruin water for us...but oh well, hopefully the water is made in America) water is something I buy at the airport.  (I've seen others bring empty plastic water bottles and fill them up at the airport water fountain..I'm not a fan of doing this because it  is a "public" water fountain.)

I also pack a snack like a granola bar or some nuts, occasionally, when I'm feeling indulgent, I'll buy a sweet at the store with the water like Riesen Chocolate Caramels - OMG those things rock!  Riesen's Chocolate Caramels are beyond the perfect replacement for gum on an airplane to help your ears pop.

I was talking with a couple of colleagues about their travel survival kits; they also always pack their:

  • phone travel charger

  • phone

  • travel blanket

  • $20 dollars in single dollar bills for tolls and odds and ends
For kids, the must have in the plane survival kits are:
  • suckers, caramel, gum, drinks (for ear popping)

  • portable DVD player with movies or phone with itunes TV shows/baby Einstein

  • books

  • blanket

  • PATIENCE...just think how much patience you exercise because of the travel demands from airlines, regulations and all the stuff outside of your control! You can understand and rationalize, the little ones, however don't get it - not yet.  They just know they are on their way to the beach, grandma or somewhere better than where they are right now - "HOW MUCH LONGER?", "WHY DO I HAVE TO TAKE OFF MY SHOE?", "WHY AM I AWAKE?", "I JUST WANT TO GO HOME!' etc (I write all of this because you know they are yelling this and whining...) :) Patience is a must.

If you travel with kids, watch this video by Bill Cosby, you will relate and if you don't have kids after watching this you will sympathize :)

What extras do you pack for a little comfort on your airplane ride?


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