Tonight we could've lost it all.

 Tonight we could've lost it all, had it not been for God and a non-toxic cleaner.

Tonight I came home from a little shopping and found Ben pretty upset - the kids were in their rooms, cleaning, and he was folding clothes (things that don't usually happen unless there is big trouble).    The kids had been spraying wood cleaner at the TV, each other and the fireplace! - a gas fireplace, each other - OMG!!!

Thank God two things happened 1) the fireplace was not on (which LilMan was trying to turn it on and it wouldn't come on because it was so doused with cleaner) and 2) we used Method Wood For Good surface cleaner, which is non-toxic to skin and if ingested.

Here is Em with the cleaner in her hair.  Before I left to shop, the bottle was full - I had just gotten through cleaning the breakfast room table, when I came home, the bottle was empty.  The fireplace now has the gas turned off, I'll call Method for instructions on what to do about that.

Thank God!  I can only imagine if I had used another cleaner and/or the fireplace was on, I haven't stopped crying...I will NEVER buy anything but Method Cleaners from now on.

I'm incredibly thankful.

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