Easy Way To Stop Wasting Silhouette Vinyl and Your Money!

As you guys know, I'm working on updating and organizing my Office/Craft room. The result, I am learning a TON! And the latest, I figured out when I was TRYING to take a nap... I popped up and had to try out the idea.

I'm completely not a fan of waste...and after wasting a roll of vinyl I found a way to make a stencil and make a vinyl wall decal so I don't waste the cutout.

How to Stop Wasting Silhouette Vinyl and Your Money!

Here is what I used:

Cut the picture you want on the Vinyl (turquoise), place the transfer tape (the clear stuff on the brown paper) on top of the vinyl.

With the transfer tape on the bottom side, work on peeling away the vinyl and making the vinyl adhere to the transfer tape. (It takes patience but is kind of relaxing - I created a Pandora station with Celtic Women - the kids work really well with this station.)

When you are done, you'll have two (2) pieces:
1) On the transfer tape for a Wall Stencil
2) On the original vinyl, you'll have the white sheet with the Wall Vinyl

(Note: I tried this with the Stencil Vinyl so I didn't offset the Stencil Vinyl, it didn't work as well as using the Vinyl and the transfer tape (brown stuff) and transfer vinyl (red line paper).

We'll start with the 1st.

Wall Stencil

You can place the stencil on the vinyl tape right on the wall, use your scraper to make sure the vinyl sticks to the wall (note you may need the hook to make sure the little details, like the petals, stay on the wall).

Grab your paint and paint brush!

Paint the stencil in and let it dry, add a second coat if needed.

2) Wall Vinyl

Take the other side, add the transfer paper, use the scraper again to make sure the vinyl adheres to the transfer paper.

Add the transfer paper to the wall, really use the scraper and go over the vinyl (you may need the hook to help push the vinyl to the wall).

And slowly peel off the transfer paper, and voila!

Here are the two methods side-by-side (please note, I used a purposely different color for the painted silhouette because I wanted it more subdued).

Hope this helps you guys and you don't lose sleep over it like I did. :)

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