Chocolate and Painting Party with Instructional Video

Chocolate Painting Party

January 5, 2012

8 thoughts on “Chocolate and Painting Party with Instructional Video

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  3. Hi Stephanie! I just completed the French Macaron painting. It looks pretty good considering I haven’t painted since elementary school. I bookmarked this page way back when Amanda shared her chocolate party and I just got around to doing it. Next up – a cupcake!
    BTW, are you working on a fourth painting for the series?
    Thanks for the video; you’re a great teacher!! 

    1. Hey Denise!
      You made my day!  It’s so neat to hear that someone actually did my tutorials and it turned out well and that you want more!!! I’d love to see a picture.   My thoughts on the last of the series is to do donuts with coffee.

      Thanks again!
      Stephanie @

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