How to Make a Tulle Bow - Video

I love the look of big bows on presents. :) 

I just love this picture!  It reminds me of my younger years where I'd look under the tree with glazed over eyes and see the sparkle of the tree with pretty presents underneath and imagine what was inside. 

I learned how to make big bows from my Mom one year when I was on winter break from college: She had been decorating packages with big showy bows since I was in middle school...  making a bow is one of the many small things my Mom taught me that I'm thankful for.

I really loved the look of big bows, they always make me hesitate to open such a lovely package.  To me, wrapping the present with a big, pretty bow showing proudly on top of the present is an outward expression of the love that went into wrapping and picking the present - a lot of thought and care went into it.

Here is a quick video on how to make this simple and lovely Tulle Bow.


Do you add an extra touch to your presents or just lucky to get them wrapped? :)

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