Elf on the Shelf - He is in Shock!!!

This morning we found the Elf in Em and LilMan's toy room, and he had a look of Shock! 

Yesterday we visited with Santa at the Huntsville Botanical Gardens; Santa Claus reminded all the kids that they still had to continue to be good to stay on the nice list (I question his list :) ), by keeping their rooms clean because Santa doesn't want to give children toys who aren't taking care of the toys they have and to listen and be respectful to their teachers, parents, and grandparents. 

The Elf knows Santa's Laws and visited Em's and LilMan's toy room, and what did he find?  A HUGE mess! 

Santa's Laws and the Elf got the kids very motivated! Children who don't take care of their toys don't deserve new ones. ;-)

 Cleaned up in less than an hour! Job well done!

Thank you Mr. Elf from the bottom of a tired Mom's heart. ;-)

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