Easy Butterfly Tutorial

Add a touch of Spring at the onset of Winter.

Here is what you'll need:
  • Tulle
  • Contrast fabric or tissue paper
  • String/Yarn/Pipe cleaner
  • Circles, click here to download a template

For easy access, cut and lay out 3 pieces of string about 6 inches each.

Cut one small circle and one large circle in the tulle and contrast color (total of 4 circles).

To make the wings: lay the tulle on top of the tissue paper and pinch the middle together.

Flip over and tie a double knot on each set of circles. Cut the strings.

Then tie the small circle and the large circle, pull tight and double knot.  Cut the string.  Fluff the wings a bit and you have a butterfly.  (If you want to go another step, use pipe cleaner, wrap around the inner part and add two antennae).

I created a bunch of these!

And stuck them on Em's wall with poster putty (for easy removal later).

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And I made a cute hair clip by taking two small felt circles, hot glued one onto the back, added the clip and hot glued the other circle between the clip clamps and hot glued an acrylic gem.

I think I may make some in silver and gold to add to Christmas presents...it looks pretty in my head. :)

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