Christmas Macarons! - Sparkling Treat for your Mouth and Table

Make a dessert that will delight the eyes and the tummy; a wonderful Sparkly French Macaron!
Look how gorgeous these are!!

Amanda and I have made a total of 10 batches of Macarons together over the last 3 months, each one has been FANTASTIC! 

We've made:

 White Chocolate Peppermint Buttercream

Here is what we used to make the White Chocolate Peppermint Buttercream frosting.  

I got the pleasure of smashing the candy. :)  Let me tell you, if you have any frustrations, a mallet and candy will work wonders!

 The pretty little bits of candy pack a delicious refreshing punch.

We added about a 1/4 of a cup of the peppermint bits.  To ensure the frosting would be smooth, we smashed the peppermint bits pretty well. Then added the smooth melted white chocolate.

How pretty is that!  And it tasted wonderful too; melt in your mouth buttery sugar with cooling bits of peppermint and a slight hint of white chocolate. 

Eggnog Marshmallow Fluff

Neither Amanda nor I are fans of eggnog straight up: I prefer a little Irish in mine ;) and in general, it's really the Sugar Cookie Eggnog by Hood sounded like a good option to keep it alcohol-free.  The outcome - just Yummy!  I think the Eggnog Marshmallow Fluff was my favorite of the batches we made for Christmas.

The combined texture of the Marshmallow Fluff and Eggnog with the Buttercream Frosting ingredients made the overall texture of the Eggnog Marshmallow Fluff, just that,  fluffy clouds that melted in your mouth. 

One for me, one for you and one for me :)

Milk Chocolate Mocha Spice Ganache

Amanda put a lot of work into this frosting - grinding the cloves, allspice, and nutmeg.  I'd love to hear how this turns out for you if make this with pre-ground ingredients (I'm all about shortcuts) :) )  To see more of what Amanda did for the spices check out Amanda's Sparkly Vanilla Bean Macarons with Three Christmas Inspired Frostings.

The spices look beautiful and smell like a Spiced Candle.

Again we made the macaron making a day a two-day event, with some shopping, lunch, and massages to break up the day.  So the next day we continued the decorating at my house.  

We started decorating when the LilMan woke up from his brief nap.  He thoroughly enjoyed eating our practice Macarons :).

We used three things to make the decorations on the Macarons:

With a new paint brush, we brushed the Simple Sugar on top of the Macarons and sprinkled the Red Disco Dust first, then sprinkle the Rainbow Disco Dust.

Our workstation was in my breakfast room. The glitter went everywhere (jeans, hands, counter-top, flour, etc)!!!  It was totally worth it!

They turned out beautifully.

The White Chocolate Peppermint Buttercream we made look like a pretty red and white peppermints.  The rest we made look like sparkly Christmas Ornaments. 

  I couldn't believe how much they sparkled! 

Em woke up just in time, for another test Macaron.  She loved them so much, she didn't even pause to swallow before she said "CHEEEESSSSEEEE".  

Look at all of the glitter!

I took the glittery, showy Macarons to a Christmas party, and no matter what lighting, they sparkled and got the attention of everyone. :)  Everyone who had one had glitter on their face came to me asking what they were because they LOVED them!  

Then I sent some to work with my hubby (who is on a "diet"), he came home with a little of sparkle around his mouth and hair, hmmm did he have one? - why yes he did (he's very much an honest man). :)   Ben said everyone glittered. :) 

No one can resist the yummy goodness of a glittery goodie.

Be sure to leave some out for Santa. 

This is one treat that Santa couldn't resist getting to early.

Caught him on camera!... Sort,  he's elusive!

I also made some Macarons on my own.  They were little snowmen and women with Buttercream Frosting and trust me if I can do it, YOU CAN TOO!

If you don't make them for Christmas, promise me you'll make at least one for New Years.  If you have to choose just one to make (which makes about 14 Macarons), my top ranked frostings to go in the middle are: 

  1. Apple Butter Frosting,

  2. Chocolate Ganache,  umm after that it gets fuzzy because they all ROCK!

Be sure to check out Amanda's Sparkly Vanilla Bean Macarons with Three Christmas Inspired Frostings!

Sparkly Vanilla Bean Macarons

90 grams aged egg whites
110 grams almond flour
200 grams powdered sugar
1 vanilla bean
25 grams white granulated sugar
1 tsp cocoa powder or powdered food coloring (optional)

Up to 5 days before making macarons, separate the egg whites, cover loosely with a paper towel, and store in the refrigerator. The night before making macarons, set them out on the counter to come to room temperature.

The next morning, place almond flour, powdered sugar, and the contents of a vanilla bean into a food processor and process until fully combined. Move to a large bowl and whisk in one teaspoon of cocoa powder for chocolate macarons, or one teaspoon of powdered food coloring for colored macarons. 

Leave plain for vanilla macarons. Whisk to combine, then sift and set aside.

With a mixer, whisk the egg whites on medium-high speed until foamy. Add in granulated sugar and continue whisking until the egg whites have stiff peaks. Add the egg whites to the flour and fold to incorporate until the mixture is just smooth, using no more than 50 strokes. Fit a pastry bag with a large round tip, and fill with macaron batter. Pipe approximately 1-inch circles onto a baking sheet lined parchment paper. Let the batter rest on the pan at least 30 minutes before baking, to form a strong skin to help keep the macarons from cracking in the oven.

Bake the macarons at 280 degrees F for 15-20 minutes directly in the middle of the oven. To test for doneness, gently touch the top of a macaron to make sure it’s dry. Then gently try to lift the macaron from the parchment paper. If it comes away pretty easily, they’re done. If it doesn’t come up and the top breaks away, they need to cook longer. Keep checking on them every two minutes until the bottom is dry. Once removed from the oven, allow the macarons to rest on the pan for 10 minutes to finish cooking before trying to remove. Cool completely before frosting.

Macaron recipe adapted from Shaina at Food for My Family. For more macaron tips, check out her step-by-step macaron tutorial.

White Chocolate Peppermint Buttercream

1/2 cup butter softened
1 1/2 cups powdered sugar
3 oz. good quality white chocolate (no chips), chopped, melted, and cooled to room temperature
1 tbsp milk
1 tsp Tahitian vanilla extract
1/4 cup crushed soft peppermint candies

Place the butter, sugar, melted white chocolate, milk and vanilla in a large mixing bowl. Beat on medium speed until smooth and creamy, about 3-5 minutes. Add crushed peppermint and beat until fully combined.

Eggnog Marshmallow Fluff

1 cup (2 sticks) butter
3 cups powdered sugar
1 (7 oz jar) marshmallow fluff
1/4 cup eggnog
1 tsp Tahitian vanilla extract
Place butter, sugar, marshmallow fluff, eggnog, and vanilla in a large mixing bowl. Beat on medium speed until smooth and creamy, about 3-5 minutes.

Milk Chocolate Mocha Spice Ganache

3/4 cup milk chocolate chips
1/2 cup heavy cream
1/2 tsp Mexican Vanilla extract
1 tbsp instant coffee powder
1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon
1/4 teaspoon freshly ground allspice
1/4 teaspoon freshly cloves
1/8 teaspoon freshly grated nutmeg

Place chocolate chips in a glass or heat-proof bowl. In a medium saucepan, whisk the heavy cream, vanilla, instant coffee powder, cinnamon, allspice, cloves, and nutmeg and bring to a simmer. Pour over the chocolate chips, let sit for 5 minutes, then whisk until completely smooth. Chill in the fridge for 1 hour or until the ganache reaches a thick, frosting consistency.

Simple Syrup

1/4 cup sugar
1/4 cup water

Bring the sugar and water to a boil until the sugar dissolves. Remove from heat and cool. Brush over the tops of the macaron shells with a pastry brush and sprinkle with glitter.


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